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Browse through our helpful and informative articles to uncover expert parenting advice & help. Covering a range of topics like child development, day to day life tips, fun parenting hacks, taboo subjects and so much more.



Returning to work after maternity

Returning to work after maternity leave can be tough especially after having a baby and suffering from the dreaded 'mum guilt' which kicks in... Mums (and dads too) put a lot of pressure on themselves especially in terms of feeling that they are not spending enough time with their family when returning to work. Explore our wide range of franchise opportunities on www.femalefranchise.co.uk and request FREE Information from the franchises that interest you!

19 May 2023

Beginner’s Guide To Cycling With Kids

The thought of cycling with kids can seem like a daunting one. There are so many things to consider like safety, what equipment to use, and how to make it enjoyable. These questions can make people not want to cycle with their children. To avoid paralysis by analysis, we created the Beginner’s Guide to Cycling with Kids.

22 Jan 2023

Top tips for handling Eczema flare ups

With National Eczema Week taking place 13 - 18 September, we wanted to share our top tips to help eczema sufferers care for their skin. Dr Jennifer Crawley, a certified dermatologist has answered some of the most common questions asked to her, when it comes to handling eczema flare-ups.

09 Sep 2020

Worried about back to school skin flare ups?

Many parents have reported how terribly painful and dry their childrens’ hands became when last at school, as a result of the rigorous but necessary increased hygiene requirements. But good news, Childs Farm has come up with a pocket-sized solution! Its moisturising hand wash, grapefruit & organic tea tree oil comes in mini 50 ml bottles, ideal to pop in kids' school bags in preparation for their return.

08 Sep 2020

Tell tale signs your kid is anxious....and what to do about it!

We tend to think of anxiety as negative, but it actually serves a very important purpose; ensuring we keep our 'tribe' nearby, we stay wary of danger and prepared for threat. The downside is that; being the work of the 'survival brain'; anxiety is not rational, and so trying to reason with an agitated child can be draining & frustrating. The good news is that there's plenty you can do, every day, to help your child-and you-feel a little less anxious. Here's three ideas to start with...

07 Sep 2020

How to motivate children during Lockdown

Due to the spread of COVID-19, children’s activities have been more limited this year. It could be that they were unable to enjoy a family holiday, for example, or play in the park with their friends as much as they usually would. Most importantly, of course, UK schools have been shut since March and are only reopening in September – meaning that for almost half the year children have been cooped up at home. After so many months with little stimulation, it’s not surprising that children are struggling with boredom.

04 Sep 2020

Dealing with nightmares

Many of us remember waking in the night thinking there was a scary green monster chasing us around the park or that the bogey man was coming to get us…this was us having nightmares. I for one can definitely remember waking up fearing something terrible was in my room and then running to my mummy in tears for comfort. Now your child may be experiencing nightmares and you may be wondering how to handle them.

26 Aug 2020

Covid-19 and how it is altering motherhood in 2020

Today we are living a lifestyle that we would not have predicted when the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve 2020 and we made our new year’s wishes and resolutions. For some of us, we may have hoped for some downtime and more time at home or with our children…..

09 Jun 2020

Understanding child's behaviour

Children are moving targets, their brains are literally developing all of the time and their skills, abilities and understanding of the world change alongside this. At the different ages and stages, then, children have more or less ability to tell us what’s going on for them.

27 May 2020

Baby play ideas using everyday items

Trying to entertain a baby all day can be overwhelming and exhausting. We buy all the flashy, noisy toys to help keep them occupied, but they play with them for about 5 minutes and then they are bored! My top tip, as a Mum is to gather household objects for your baby to play with.

26 May 2020

All you need to know about weaning

Introducing food to your baby can be an exciting but daunting time for many parents and you may have many questions. Government advice in the UK is to start weaning from around 6 months (but not before 4 months of age). However, in reality when a baby is ready to start weaning, will vary, as they will all reach their development milestones at a slightly pace.

20 May 2020

What does protecting your family mean to you?

The moment your child is first placed into your arms is the most incredible experience, and that overwhelming feeling of love that fills your heart is hard to match. I remember holding my daughter for the very first time and feeling like I would do anything to keep her safe, to protect her.

19 May 2020

A pandemic financial plan for all the family

Members of the sandwich generation, those individuals in their 40's, 50's and 60's who are bringing up their own children while also providing care for their parents, face increased financial strain in the best of times. Pulled in different directions, they are also trying to save for their own retirement during a critical period in their working life.

17 May 2020

Is your baby close to 6 months of age and ready for weaning?

Your baby must be nearing the crucial 6 month weaning mark! Some of you may probably be debating whether to wean earlier or to wait until 6 months. The World Health Organisation suggests weaning at 6 months because babies can hold up their heads and also their little stomachs are more developed to handle the introduction of new food.

15 May 2020

The 5 main areas of paediatric first aid

With more children at home due to lockdown and our NHS under enormous pressure, it is only natural that parents are feeling concerned about accidents. Safety around the home and prevention of accidents is important as are first aid skills especially when you consider that 90% of accidents in the under 5’s occur at home.

13 May 2020

The importance of sleep

Sleep is vital to our health and well- being. We still don’t really know why we sleep, but there is definitely a consensus and evidence that adequate sleep is good for you in many different and important ways.

11 May 2020

Changes to family dynamics with the arrival of a sibling

Having another baby can be a daunting thing for any mother. Add to that having a sibling in the middle of a global pandemic and I’m sure there are plenty of nervous wrecks out there waiting trepidatiously to see how an already finely balanced family set up will shift with the new arrival. Trust me, I know how you’re feeling, I'm one of you!

10 May 2020

How to deal with sleep when our babies and children are ill

Just when you thought sleep was back on track in your home BANG! A temperature rears its ugly head or you are changing bed sheets for the 5th time after they have been thrown up all over…and sleep has gone all out the window! Now what..?

07 May 2020

Potty Training during a pandemic

With so many of us being stuck at home during this global pandemic known as COVID-19, toddler parents are looking at this as the perfect opportunity to potty train! Here are some helpful tips to consider before you get started:

29 Apr 2020

What are the best sun creams for babies & children?

Whether you've got a holiday booked or you're planning to enjoy the summer at home, ensuring your kids are safe and protected in the sun is always going to be a priority! Little one's have got sensitive and thinner skin in comparison to us adults, so it really is vital that they are shielded from the suns powerful rays.

14 Apr 2020

What are the best mattresses for young children?

Buying a mattress for a child needs to be considered and researched before purchasing as it will come to play a big role in their life as they grow in weight and height. It's important to regard a mattress as an investment piece that your child will feel the benefit of every night (and every day) for a good number of years.

13 Apr 2020

The importance of mindfulness in pregnancy

Congratulations! You’ve taken the test and you’re pregnant. So what next? You’ll probably have ordered a load of baby books, claimed your free bounty pack, looked at some cute independent brands for inspiration on newborn outfits and bought the contents of Topshop's maternity line. With the introduction of lockdown due to coronavirus this can send our brain into overdrive. So, have you taken a moment to think about your state of mind?

05 Apr 2020

Upskilling opportunities as a mum

For some, maternity leave gives them the time they need to realise their career isn’t what they want any longer, some can't wait to get back into the workplace and a job they love, but others loose confidence in their abilities, and wonder how they are going to settle back into their role. On the contrast, many women are used to being mentally stimulated, some are used to working in fast-paced environments and adapting to mat leave can be difficult.

31 Mar 2020

How to ensure your small UK business survives the threat of Coronavirus

The COVID-19 crisis is a threat to small businesses, so how can you ensure your company survives this uncertain time? We've pulled together some tips for one man bands, sole traders and small firms who are looking to minimise risk, and understand other opportunities that might be available to them during the Coronavirus outbreak.

17 Mar 2020

It's Not 'Just Colic'

The word ‘colic’ is often said to parents of a miserable baby. Baby won’t stop crying? Colic. Baby constipated and struggling to poo? Colic. Baby arching his back and writhing around in pain? Colic. How can colic be so easy to diagnose yet every colicky baby seems to have different symptoms, but all have one thing in common.

09 Mar 2020

The impact of too much screen time on children's development

Have you ever tried to end your kid’s screen time and been met with defiance, anger, outright refusal to co-operate or just been completely ignored? Although screened devices can be a godsend for parents; when eating out, travelling or just busy at home; many of us have first-hand experience of the less attractive; and often out-of-character; behaviours that arise when it’s time to put them away.

29 Feb 2020

Homemade play ideas for your baby

My little one has plenty of toys at home, but he will still always prefer to play with things that belong to me. I have recently been researching activities that are great for child development and that are also fun. They are so easy to do, even if you are not in to DIY, plus, you won’t need to spend any money either!

24 Feb 2020

How to transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding

There may come a time when you want to finish breastfeeding your little one. Not every baby takes to bottle feeding straightaway, so how do you start to introduce a bottle to a breastfed baby? In this blog we share some top tips when transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.

14 Feb 2020

5 top tips for coping with food allergies

A food allergy is when the immune system overreacts to a food protein that would normally be harmless, and can cause a wide range of different symptoms affecting skin, breathing, digestion and more. Food allergies are on the rise across the western world. Here in the UK an estimated 5-8% of children have at least one diagnosed food allergy.

07 Feb 2020

5 steps to deal with overwhelm as a working mum

Ever feel like you’re overwhelmed? That maybe a stupid question in the world we live in…. especially if you’re a working mum! No matter how much we’re a time management ninja or productivity queen, we all get overwhelmed from time to time.

06 Feb 2020

Sleep coaching; the facts and myths every parent should know!

Sleep training or the way I approach it is sleep coaching, is a very hotly debated topic. Advocates and opponents have set up camp on opposing sides with what looks like, no middle ground. I truly believe there is a middle ground and my mission is to prove that.

06 Feb 2020

6 ways to balance running a business from home as a parent

As both a parent and a business owner, your time is in high demand. From the minute you wake up, to the minute you go to sleep, your children will need something and your work to-do list keeps expanding. It’s natural to worry that running your business is taking too much time away from your kids, or that caring for your child means you aren’t putting enough time into your business.

03 Feb 2020

“How am I going to cope with another baby?”

“Baby number 2 is due in the next few weeks and the thought of how I’m going to cope is freaking me out.” It’s scary, and can sometimes feel overwhelming, the thought of adding a new baby in to your life (especially when your hormones are raging!).

01 Feb 2020

What parents need to know about the 4 month sleep regression

I hear the term “regression” used in regards to just about every imaginable circumstance. If baby doesn’t sleep well for a couple of nights, parents start dropping the ‘R’ word. Some people subscribe to the idea that there’s an eight month regression, a 9 month regression, a 1 year regression, as well as teething regressions, growth spurt regressions, and so on.

30 Jan 2020

Paving the way for potty training

Potty training is not a phrase I especially like! I prefer to see the role of a parent or caregiver as supporting the child as they acquire this new skill rather than ‘training’ them. There are many books on the market ‘teaching’ parents to potty train their child and the internet is flooded with advice, however the most important tip I can give you is to respect your child as the, unique, individual, wonderful little human being that they are.

29 Jan 2020

4 strategies to reclaim your time as a working mum

Ask any working mum and one of the hardest things about combining work and motherhood is often the lack of time. We can feel under siege with competing demands, obligations and distractions. Too many of us are rushing through each jam-packed day and falling into bed feeling like we’ve not even scratched the surface of our mental and physical load.

28 Jan 2020

The one type of exercise that every pregnant woman should do

Think about all the prep you are planning to do, or have been doing for the arrival of your little baby.... now think of exercising as prepping your body for that time too! Becoming pregnant instantly makes you want to do the right things for your growing baby.

28 Jan 2020

"It’s my fault my baby isn't a great sleeper"

So why can’t you get your little one to sleep? What’s wrong with you as a mum? Why can everyone else do it and not you? It must be because you’re a rubbish mum. WRONG!! And here are the reasons why...

26 Jan 2020

3 easy self-care tips for busy Mums

Since giving birth to my kids, I have totally neglected myself. I mean, come on, the kids and the house have already taken up all my energy, where would I get the energy to even take care of myself? People told me to sleep whenever my kids are taking a nap BUT the problem is while they are napping, that's the BEST time to clean up; when no kids are running amok in the house!

26 Jan 2020

Self help strategies for new mums when dealing with Postnatal Depression or Anxiety

Being parents can be beyond overwhelming and when suffering with PND or anxiety it can become all consuming and you may feel like no one can help you. Here are a few self help strategies to get through the day.

18 Jan 2020

An A to Z guide of helpful sleep tips for you & your baby

In this article Alexandra; a certified Infant Sleep Consultant, shares her top baby sleep tips alphabetically from A-Z. Following these sleep related tips could help you and your baby sleep better and longer!

17 Jan 2020

6 tips for mums and dads who want to get their business noticed online

Katie Finch, shares her advice to small business owners that want to get their business noticed online. It’s tough going at it alone but so rewarding knowing that everything you’re doing to promote, grow and deliver you products or services to customers, is taking you one step closer to building a successful business that meets your goals.

05 Jan 2020

3 ways to improve nighttime sleep for your baby

I know the most common ‘problem’ reported to me by parents is frequent nighthawking’s, we can deal with anything if we can get some sleep at night, we expect sleep to be broken in the newborn stage but months or years of broken sleep can really take its toll on the whole family.

01 Dec 2019

BLACK FRIDAY 2019 - Top baby product deals!

Find the best bargains across all of your favourite retailers for baby products over Black Friday Weekend this year, and where to bag all the best deals and money off discounts.

27 Nov 2019

5 ways to play for free with your baby or toddler

As a mum to 2 small people and a 3rd on the way I know first hand how expensive raising a child can be especially in this modern age when we are sold to from the minute we open our eyes. But fear not, play is something that we can do for free with a child, using the things around us and making do with what we’ve got. Our little ones imaginations will soon do the rest.

16 Oct 2019

Top 4 ways to sell your pre-loved baby clothes & toys

Here are our top 4 ways you can save money and find lots of bargains on baby, toddler and childrens items! Save a fortune AND make some extra cash selling toys, clothes or equipment that your little ones no longer uses.

06 Oct 2019

What are the symptoms of Strep B?

Are you pregnant? Have you been tested for Strep B? If not go and get a test. Group B Streptococcus is a type of bacterium also known as GBS, Group B strep, or Streptococcus agalactiae.

01 Sep 2019

New parent? Here are our Top 5 recommended baby products for you

It’s time to bring baby home, and you’ve got a feeling you might need a helping hand through this parenthood malarkey! We’ll were here to help…..here are some genuinely useful accessories and products that have been given the seal of approval by parents.

24 Aug 2019

Podcasts - which ones are worth a listen?

We've rounded up some of our favourite parenting podcasts to listen to in 2019. Whether you're into unfiltered opinions, nitty and gritty celebrity interviews or friendly mum chats, we've picked our top 3 just for you!

06 Aug 2019

Our must-have apps for parents and parents-to-be!

When you become a mum or dad for this first time you are not going to be an expert on all things baby related. However, there are ways you can feel supported throughout your parenthood journey, and all at the touch of a button.

04 Aug 2019