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Let's Get FIT Together




Let's Get FIT Together

Are you looking for fitness support and advice during and after pregnancy?  Well you’ve come to the right place! Our amazing expert, the incredible Lucy Wyndham is here to answer any fitness related questions you may have, and has designed a set of videos just for you, that can be done from the comfort of your own home!

Tell us what you would like to see! Do you have a question for Lucy?  Drop us an email with any suggestions or queries you may have.

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What exercises can I do whilst pregnant?

FIRST THINGS FIRST – it is safe to exercise while you are pregnant and it is actually so good to do so, as it can help with the development of your baby and help with the delivery process, as well as helping to keep you feeling good.

So instead of me listing the hundreds of things you can safely do, it is far easier and quicker to explain what you should avoid. I recommend you do NOT perform any exercises in which you are lying on your back, because the weight of the bump can apply pressure to your blood supply, so rule out any exercises like this. And cancel any kick boxing classes until after your bundle of joy is born, this also includes any martial arts or fast paced racket sports.

So no excuse, keep active throughout your pregnancy, and here are just a few suggestions: walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, hit workouts, Zumba, rowing.

Below are some FREE Prenatal Workouts you can do. If you fancy a quick 11 minute Indoor Pregnancy Workout then give the first video below a go. If you want easy to follow home circuits and full body toning, then you can follow along with the next 3 videos, and you'll have one for each trimester!

Best excercises for the tummy?

Probably the most FAQ, and it kind of depends on lots of things. So first of all, if you are a mum, then the first thing we want to do is look to see if you need to repair your Diasitis Recti. If you do, then the best tummy exercises are deep core conditioning and AVOIDING at all costs sit-ups or the plank – the reason being you need to build and repair from your deepest ab muscle the transvers abdominus. You can do this by lying on your back and starting with some basic isolated moves which will help to reduce the abdominal separation. (see video 5 below)

If you still have a gap even years and years after your baby you can still repair it, and you can do that by following the 6-minute workout of mine. If you have already done this then my next piece of advice is to do standing ab exercises, (I have loads on my channel). The key to getting your abs looking and feeling their best is with good nutrition and being consistent by doing a workout everyday, and of course you could do my 7-minute belly fat one (video 6 below) which over 43 million people have now followed and get amazing results!

How do I ease myself back into exercise after having a baby?

What I love about this question is EASE and yes this is so important, do not rush anything, enjoy bonding with your baby and be kind to your body, it has given you a miracle so be kind back to it, and when you are ready I would say just start off doing some nice walks, as this is a great low impact exercise and will help boost energy levels. It is always advisable that you get the all clear from your doctor or midwife before you take on a fitness plan, but walking is fine.