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Being pregnant: then vs now 


Pregnancy brings with it, huge changes to your life, especially if you’re about to have your first baby. Some women cope with these changes comfortably, whilst others can find it harder. There is no right or wrong; everybody is different.


However, what if more could be done to support women throughout their pregnancies so that they had more of an idea of what to expect once their baby arrives? What if there was an option to gain access to tons of validated information instead of scouring Google for all of the answers? What if you could watch everyday mums talk about their experiences (the good and bad), and take comfort knowing you’re not the only one experiencing changes in your life?

Many of us are aware that there isn’t enough support in hospitals nowadays; with women who have had a birth with no complications often told they can leave the hospital within 6 to 24 hours after delivery. (NHS University College London Hospitals).


Did you know that back in the 70’s women who had a birth with no complications,could stay in the hospital for up to a week after their baby was born? During this time new mums were shown (by their midwife) some of the most important day to day tasks involved in parenting; how to bath a baby, how to change a nappy, how to breastfeed; the list goes on.


Fast forward to the 21st century and we are no longer pampered, we are sent home after giving birth with a lack of instruction or practical detail. Whilst there may be more accessible information online, there is also often too much, to the point where it becomes overwhelming and difficult to understand which opinion or article is correct.


Indeed, for all the benefits of modern technology and medical practices, we can't help but feel they had it right in the seventies. 


Unfortunately, we can’t change what isn’t in our control to do so, which is why our job at ParentChum is to fill the gaps in the support provided from hospitals, midwives and medical practices. With a network of experts on hand we have access to tons of reliable information and support, which can carry you through your pregnancy and after birth, even up until you have more than one child! 


If you are going through a pregnancy and need a place to turn to; whether you need to laugh, cry, make friends, learn new things, find your identity, gain access to information and experts, then ParentChum can help you.