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Bronchitis & Boys - Danielle Low


My little Jasper is a Bronchitis sufferer, which is kind of crazy as his twin brother Ralph is as fit as a fiddle! I’ve found with every episode that Jasper has had, each one has got progressively worse. The first was at 8 weeks, this tiny little sole so so poorly and there was me feeling helpless and in despair. He then got a second hit of it at 5 months when we was in Cyprus on our first family holiday. He was put on antibiotics and a nebuliser with two different types of steroids to be taken 4 times a day, for 8 minutes at a time.


I was so worried it was my fault because of the air-conditioning but the amazing consultant in New Zealand told me it had nothing to do with the room and air conditioning; he explained so much about Bronchitis I felt like I had a new understanding of the infection. It's funny but I already thought I knew everything with two older boys; it goes to show we are always learning as parents! After 4 days Jasper was amazing and better again and I felt a huge sense of relief.


Unfortunately at 10 months Jasper had Bronchitis once again....it was heartbreaking. Three days after the twins' 1st birthday Jasper was rushed to the doctors where we were then sent to hospital to be told it was once back again. From the start it’s been an a absolute roller coaster with Jasper being poorly. As a mum it's so horrible to see and deal with - I would have taken it off  of him in a heartbeat if I could of!

After hospital he was fine for 7 weeks and was then admitted again 3 days after Christmas with antibiotics and steroids - now he is definitely on the mend, but it’s still so much for a little one to deal with.

My best piece of advice from what I have learnt with Jasper is to go with your gut feeling, if there are telltale signs that they aren't feeling right, go and get them checked out. Bronchitis causes the lungs to become irritated and inflamed. The main symptom is a cough, which might bring up phlegm, and it can also cause a sore throat and wheezing.


Hot baths and steam are no good (a 69 year old nurse told me that!)  it’s basically like steaming up a room and then all the condensation sits there, which is too much for their little lungs....so I personally don’t bath them when they are poorly, just a good old fashion strip wash. Also don’t make the room too hot and don't turn the heating up too high as it irritates the lungs, which can then make them cough more.


I put a prop under Jasper's cot, give him lots of cuddles and keep him warm. I also try and give him as much fluid as possible to stop his mouth going dry and make sure he gets as much rest as possible.

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