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My infertility story - Erin Bulcao


My infertility story started in 2010 when we TTC naturally. Unfortunately I don’t ovulate and I don’t get a period on my own so our next step was fertility treatments. We did an IUI and got SO lucky. We ended up with triplets! Although we were blessed we also had to have a reduction for medical reasons (basically for the health of our babies and my life). So we underwent a reduction. Very hard to do but we know we made the right choice.

The twins were born vaginally and very healthy. And after 11 days in the NICU for one of the twins, we were all finally home. Fast forward 6 years and we were ready to try for another baby. We thought we would try for a bit naturally, well that wasn’t happening and still no period. So we went straight to IVF. August 2017 we decided to start. We were very naive, we thought one cycle, multiple embryos and our choice of sex. Well we were very wrong. We yielded one healthy embryo. Transferred December 2017 and failed. 

We tried again. Got the exact same results from our second retrieval and again failed FET. My heart was broken, I didn’t understand, I thought IVF meant baby! We tried for an IUI since that's how we got the girls, but that failed as well. I decided to take a break for the summer of June 2018 for three months. I started seeing an acupuncturist (and still do) and corrected my hashimotos disease (thyroid issue) and just detoxified from all of the medications I had been on. We went back in on September 2018, this time to a new clinic.


We did a third retrieval and decided not to test the three embryos we got. We had our third FET December 2018 and it worked! Unfortunately we miscarried in January, 8 weeks into the pregnancy. I was about to graduate from my fertility clinic when my doctor said “I’m sorry, the baby has stopped growing” - my heart shattered. I couldn’t breathe and on top of that we had to explain to our 7 year old twins that the baby in mommy’s tummy died. Yeah that was not fun. I bled for months and my HCG level wasn’t dropping. Once it finally did after almost 3 months of bleeding I went into the clinic to make sure everything was ok with my uterus and they found more tissue that hadn’t come out. So at the end of March 2019 I had a D&C. A month later we transferred the last embryo we had (after thawing and testing it and re freezing it to make sure it was normal), and that FET failed. 


On to retrieval number 4. We were in June 2019. I felt so tired, emotionally and mentally. But we got 3 PGS normal embryos. The most we ever had. So we transferred one in August but it failed. My Dr. decided to run a pelvic MRI and do another hysteroscopy and they found my uterus to be inflamed as well as a mild case of adenomyosis. So I was put on Letrozole for 3 months and antibiotics for two weeks. I was upset to have to wait again but there we were. 


December 2019 came and it was time for FET #6. We were so hopeful that all that medication worked that when we found out it had failed I was devastated, more than ever. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try again but we went into the clinic and spoke with a different doctor and he made us realise this is all a coin toss (in our case). Nothing was wrong with me and if I were to keep trying eventually it would work! So needless to say we switched doctors (same clinic) and we went ahead and moved forward with transfer #7. I insisted on my lining being thicker than ever and they increased my estrogen dosage to the highest it had ever been. I am so thankful I spoke up and listened to my gut because It finally worked! I am currently in my second trimester with this miracle baby!