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What are the best mattresses for young children?


Buying a mattress for a child needs to be considered and researched before purchasing as it will come to play a big role in their life as they grow in weight and height. It's important to regard a mattress as an investment piece that your child will feel the benefit of every night (and every day) for a good number of years. For example, if you're buying a mattress for a younger child, say 3 to 4 years old, you should plan to replace it within 7-8 years.


Mums and dads who prefer natural, chemical free products may want to consider organic type mattresses that are free from toxins and made of all natural materials. The Little Green Sheep provide wonderful eco-friendly children's mattresses crafted from the best quality materials. We'd personally recommend their 'Natural Junior Mattress' suitable for children aged 2 to 12 years old. The mattresses' deep natural core of coconut coir acts like thousands of tiny springs, reducing pressure points and providing evenly sprung support to your little one's body. This single sized mattress contains the best breathable materials and is anti-dust mite so ideal for children with allergies. Available to purchase from £299.00 https://www.thelittlegreensheep.co.uk/natural-junior-mattress-single-90x190cm/


Sprung mattresses provide better support for growing bodies and often come with natural fillings such as wool, cotton, cashmere and horse hair. For the many parents looking for a mattress that provides support and promotes healthy development the Silentnight Healthy Growth Kids Sprung Single Mattress could be a suitable option. This mattress has been specially designed for toddler to pre-teens and is extra breathable for a more refreshing, hygienic sleeping experience. It also features a traditional spring system to support your child while they sleep in a fresh and clean sleeping environment, free from foam and chemical treatments. Parents are fans of the style with many commenting of the comfiness and quality of the mattress, one review in particular notes that it's a "good mattress- nice medium softness. My daughter sleeps very well on it and says it's comfy." Available to purchase from £180 at Argos stores - https://www.argos.co.uk/product/9186073


If it's an award winning mattress you're looking for then you may want to consider the Stompa S Flex Airflow Children's Mattress which was recently voted "Best Buy" in the category "Best Mattresses for Children" by the Independent's IndyBest 2019. Engineered by sleep experts in partnership with bed experts it's easy to see why this mattress is a top pick among parents. The airflow comfort layer of this mattress provides air circulation whilst regulating temperature and moisture level, creating the perfect sleep environment for your little one. Featuring a highly durable and supportive foam base and designed with a springy comfort layer that contours and supports the body, it really does make a great choice for growing children. Available to purchase from £150 directly through Stompa https://www.stompa.com/acatalog/S-Flex-Airflow-Mattress.html


Many parents will have heard of memory foam mattresses but what are the actual benefits of them? Well, they contour to the shape of your body for optimal spinal alignment and targeted support, and help to evenly distribute body weight to reduce pressure on the heaviest parts of the body. So what's the benefit of a memory foam mattress for a child? It's as simple as the right amount of comfort in additional to practical support, and guess what - we've found one that's highly regarded among mums and dads! Introducing the Room to Grow Deluxe Memory Pocket 1000 Single Mattress a sumptuous 20cm deep mattress with a generous 50mm top layer of memory foam and individually responsive pocketed springs for independent support. This cleverly engineered memory foam mattress has been purposefully designed for exceptional comfort, offering medium to firm support for growing children. It also features an added antimicrobial treatment which fights bacteria and odours to ensure a clean and safe sleeping environment. Available to purchase directly through Room to Grow from £245.00 - https://www.roomtogrow.co.uk/product/deluxe-memory-pocket-1000-single-mattress/


There are some other great mattresses on the market but having read reviews on the above suggested options and after gathering feedback from our parents, these are our top 4 recommendations! Our verdict?  Well the Stompa S Flex Airflow Mattress certainly isn’t the most expensive of our suggested options, but we think it ticks the most boxes for growing children and is well suited for creating a relaxing sleep environment. For an all-natural, environmental-friendly option, we'd put the Little Green Sheep Natural Junior Mattress at the top of the list!