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Worried about back to school skin flare ups?


From last week onwards, schools across the UK have started filling with children cautiously starting back at school. Some will be beginning reception, others returning after months of homeschooling. 


Alongside the anticipation, comes some trepidation. In fact, research conducted by leading children’s toiletries brand Childs Farm shows that over half of parents (54%) are anxious about their child/children’s return to school’.


One of the top three concerns amongst parents is the effect that products provided at school for handwashing and sanitising will have on their little ones’ hands’.*


Many parents have reported how terribly painful and dry their childrens’ hands became when last at school, as a result of the rigorous but necessary increased hygiene requirements. In fact, 81% of parents reported their children experienced dry skin, 58% saw cracked skin and 24% acknowledged a flare-up of a previous skin condition, such as eczema, due to the increase.  


But good news, Childs Farm has come up with a pocket-sized solution! Its moisturising hand wash, grapefruit & organic tea tree oil comes in mini 50ml bottles, ideal to pop in kids' school bags in preparation for their return.


Childs Farm hand wash is gentle on the skin and perfect for protecting our delicate hands during the fight against Coronavirus. The cleansing hand wash, with a citrus-fresh scent, cuts through grime in no time. Team it with award-winning hydrating Childs Farm grapefruit & tea tree oil moisturiser to give hands a luxurious finish, keeping them soft and supple.


With 72% of parents now actively incorporating moisturiser in their “hand care/wash routine”*, this handy-sized bottle makes the perfect go-to product, post handwashing, on the go/or at school.


The hand wash and moisturiser Duo, are dermatologist and paediatrician approved as suitable for sensitive skin and safe for people who may be prone to eczema - so great for anyone who is finding their hands have become drier and more painful due to increased hand washing. They are also registered with The Vegan Society and certified by Cruelty-Free International.


*Research carried out by Childs Farm amongst 129 parent respondents in August 2020.