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BabyBjörn Mini Baby Carrier

1 reviews

BabyBjörn Mini Baby Carrier


  • The super-soft fabric create a cosy space for your newborn and is comfy against their delicate skin 
  • The baby carrier gently hugs your newborn's back, legs and hips to provide good sitting support in a comfy, ergonomic position
  • Check on your little one's position and the natural C-curve of their back through the carriers fabric
  • Put on quickly day or night, to comfort, or lull your little one to sleep
  • Easily unfasten the carrier's entire front section to lift out your baby without waking them


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30 seconds and she was asleep!

Lauren Getz on Wed 27 Nov 2019

If you want your newborn baby that wakes up the second you put them down, to sleep whilst you gets jobs done and have a pee - this will be your best friend. (As long as your baby weighs over 7lbs) We purchased this after 3 days of Darcey being born in the hope we could use it straight away. (First time parents read suitable from birth and didn't think to check the weight error). Darcey's birth weight was 6 lb 5oz, and the BabyBjörn Mini Carrier is suitable from 7lbs, so with much disappointment to my partner as he was eager to get out and be a proud daddy with his little bundle attached to him, we had to wait a while! After 4-6 weeks we finally got her in it and within 30 seconds of being on a walk Darcey was sound asleep. THE DREAM. The first couple of times whilst using, you will need an extra pair of hands a.) to figure out how on earth you get your precious newborn into the legs & arms holes b.) to figure out how you lift your precious newborn out of the legs & arm holes. You also know your baby is completely secure but you tighten it till you cut off your blood circulation buy pulling the straps until they are under your armpits. You will quickly learn that baby isn't going anywhere and you will be able to breathe again. We live in the countryside so found this a vital piece of equipment for when we want to go traipsing across the fields or taking walks to the post office and able to have 2 free hands to carry Darcey's clothes parcels! The super soft fabric is delicate on babies neck and cheeks (also a great teething aid - not intended of course, but you can buy teething covers to protect the carrier itself ) You will notice as your bundle is getting bigger and they start to face out the way and looking at the world, the strain on your lower back & shoulders, but this is inevitable when you are carrying around a 22lb chunk. The price is extremely reasonable for the pounds per use, it's super classy and unisex and an all round key item for your newborn! BabyBjörn well done & thank you.