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Elvie Single Electric Breast Pump

1 reviews

Elvie Single Electric Breast Pump


  • Elvie Pump is the world's first silent breast pump - revolutionary technology erases any noise so you can pump in peace
  • The free app allows you to track your pumping history, monitor your milk volume and control the pump remotely
  • Available from Apple App Store and Google Play store, Elvie Pump is compatible with iPhone 5S and later (iOS10+) and Android 6 and newer versions that support Bluetooth Smart/Bluetooth Low Energy (excluding Huawei phones)
  • Convert into a double pump by purchasing two and link both to the same app
  • 2-phase Stimulation and Expression modes
  • Variable suction 7 intensity settings
  • Custom fit 3 Breast Shield sizes (2 included in the box)
  • Rechargeable charges in 2 hours via micro-USB
  • Reusable bottles Durable 5oz/150ml bottles

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Such a great hands free option

Evita on Sun 17 Nov 2019

I used the Elvie single pump during my exclusively pumping journey alongside a Medela pump. I loved Elvie as I could use it whilst walking, whilst holding my little one, whilst cooking or cleaning the house. It’s amazing if the baby is fussy and wants to be held a lot. It was also amazing during the night and early morning pumping sessions as it was quiet and didn’t wake my little one up. If you are looking for a pump to use every now and again to give your baby top ups then I would go for a cheaper pump instead. The Elvie pump would be ideal for mums who have other children so are not able to sit still for 20-30 minutes whilst they are pumping. It would also work well for when mums return to work and might want to make pumping quiet and discreet. I have done excessive amounts of research on exclusive pumping and have learnt that one of the best pumps to go for is a Spectra pump. I would buy it the next time around if I had to pump again. When it comes to output then I found that both Medela and Elvie gave me similar amounts, however there were times when Elvie wasn’t very consistent, especially if it wasn’t put on right.