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Rachel Brown - Holistic therapist and natural fertility specialist





Lichfield, Staffordshire


Monday 9am-3pm, Tuesday, Wednesday 1pm-3pm, Thursday 9am-3pm, 4pm-7pm

Hi. I’m Rachel Brown, holistic therapist and natural fertility specialist from The Hand of Nature.

I support highly sensitive and intuitive women to rebalance their body and mind during their reproductive journey, to enhance their physical state, mental resilience and spiritual calm.

I do this in 2 ways.

The first is through a specialised fertility massage (created by Clare Spink), which offers an exclusive combination of natural health therapies to maximise your fertility, feminine health and happiness, allowing you to nourish, thrive and reconnect to yourself during the time when your body and/or future baby need you most.

The second is via my 12 week signature online programme – The Flourish to fertility Plan which bridges the gap between traditional medicine and holistic medicine, combining the science of body and mind with soulful interpretation of your deepest desires to enable you to reconnect to your body and your future baby when they need you most .

I believe our bodies and minds are totally connected and that we all have the innate power and inner wisdom to restore ourselves to full health. My mission is to see all women who are on a fertility journey realise this power and wisdom with the help of fertility massage and/or my signature program that will help optimise their health and their chances of conceiving, working in complement with, yet reducing the burden on traditional medicine.

I started out my career in pharmacy as an advocate of orthodox medicine, but as a result of my own health issues I turned to natural healing and discovered that combining traditional medicine and holistic therapy could offer a better, more balanced approach and long term wellness benefits.

I put this into practice in my early 30’s when my husband and I found ourselves unable to conceive naturally and so turned to IVF. I experienced the emotional rollercoaster and what it’s like to feel inadequate, a failure; yet despite my first round not working, I decided to approach the next round with a natural health focus at the same time. By practicing my own self-care and natural health my stress levels reduced, I felt emotionally and physically ready and I am now proud mum to 2 wonderful boys.

I set up The Hand of Nature to find a way to help those on a fertility journey and fate led me to the “womb and fertility massage” course which comprises all that I am passionate about; nurture, nourishment and support for your physical, emotional and spiritual health, - all backed by science.

I also have a teaching qualification under my belt and believe all these experiences have led me to be the person I am today who now has this amazing opportunity to give back via fertility massage or my Flourish to Fertility Plan, to all those who are struggling with infertility as I did.
If you are on a fertility journey and would like to find out more, I would love you to join my FREE private Facebook community where I offer free live training, inspiration and lots of support and advice to help you blossom and bloom.

Click here to join now www.facebook.com/groups/blossomandbloomfertility