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Here at ParentChum we have created our own forum where we hope like-minded & supportive mums can come to seek advice, offer support or simply chat.


Thu 21 May 2020, 10:18 by Sophie Winters

Hi all, I'd like recommend an educational website for home-learning resources. They are now offering 1 month subscription for free. www.twinkl. ...

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Overly anxious to leave baby with in laws

Tue 21 Jan 2020, 15:04 by Harriet

My baby girl is 7 months old and I am anxious to leave her in general, but can manage for a little while with my mum & dad. The idea of leavin ...

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My 14 year old son is depressed.

Mon 20 Jan 2020, 11:38 by emma

My 14-year-old son has been feeling so down lately and I now think he has depression. He hates going to school and when he gets home he just hides awa ...

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House is like a constant crap hole!

Sun 19 Jan 2020, 08:48 by Lydia

Hi, I’ve got two children under 2.5 and am struggling to keep on top of my jobs at home. I feel like my house is a constant crap hole!!! There ...

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Do I have to many toys or too little? ( Anonymous)

Thu 16 Jan 2020, 08:05 by Laura

I have a question that I wonder if other mums think as well?? Does my daughter have enough toys? Too many toys? The right toys? Is this a real issue? ...

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What vitamins to get a 1 year old

Thu 16 Jan 2020, 08:02 by Laura

Hi, What are the best vitamins to get for a one year old? ...

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Sleeping positions advice ( Anonymous)

Thu 16 Jan 2020, 07:58 by Laura

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on sleeping positions? My little girl sleeps on her side and had done since about 3 months. Now she is 6 ...

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best bassinet for baby

Mon 13 Jan 2020, 15:32 by Sohail Afzal

hi there, kinldy suggest me [url=https://www.mattressreviewed.com/best-bassinet-for-newborn-baby/]best bassinet[/url] for my baby ...

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New baby & 4 year old - advice on evening routine?

Tue 07 Jan 2020, 20:51 by Lydia

I have a four year old son, and a seven week old baby boy. My 4 year old, has become quite emotional with most things and now constantly whines, and p ...

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FOURnado help!

Thu 19 Dec 2019, 21:37 by Alice

I'm going to try to keep this as short as possible (famous last words lol) My nearly 4 year old (will be 4 on new years day) is seriously pushing ...

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Can you give Calpol and Amoxicillin at the same time?

Fri 13 Dec 2019, 19:18 by Laura

My daughter has been given Amoxicillin and I want to know if you can give calpol alongside it? Does anyone know? Thanks x ...

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Antibiotics- help!

Wed 20 Nov 2019, 22:29 by Charlee

Hi, Has anyone got any top tips for getting antibiotics into an 18month old? We feel like we've tried everything. Thanks, Charlee ...

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The 2 year sleep regression and fear!

Thu 07 Nov 2019, 10:34 by Sandy

Hi everyone, My eldest has just turned two and has seemed to be one frightened of so many things, beeping sounds, loud noises, the dark, spiders and ...

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Losing your sex drive after having a baby

Fri 01 Nov 2019, 20:56 by Laura

Anonymous: I have totally lost my sex drive since having my baby. I feel so bad but I just feel exhausted and tired all the time. Please tell me I am ...

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Potty Training!

Tue 29 Oct 2019, 11:22 by Sandy

Hi everyone, my son has just turned two and is showing lots of signs for potty training. He is telling us when he is going or needs to go and sits on ...

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Partner choosing friends over new baby

Sun 27 Oct 2019, 10:27 by Jo

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice? My partner and I have just had a new baby..... and I feel like he wants to spend more time go ...

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Primary School advice

Sun 13 Oct 2019, 21:41 by Laura

Morning, My son will be 4 in January and we are starting to look at potential primary schools next week. Does anyone have any tips about what I sho ...

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